Find out if the Siberian Husky is the right breed for your family:

The Siberian Husky has striking good-looks, beautiful blue eyes, and an irresistible smile. But that not all you get with a Husky. You get a dog with a huge personality and a lot of energy! This mischievous and energetic breed isnít for everyone -- many owners have found out that the breed is too much for them and many Siberians end up in shelters. So before you buy a Siberian Husky read this page to make sure you understand what it's like to own a Siberian husky. That way you'll know what to expect and what you are getting yourself into.

Main Traits:

Personality & Behavior

The Siberian Husky is friendly, strong-willed, outgoing, and can be very mischievous. Heís strong-minded, independent and very assertive and will constantly test you. You must lay down the law and establish yourself as the leader in order to gain his respect and obedience. But even then, you will still face challenges because he likes to do what he wants! Heís affectionate with his family and loved ones. He isnít a one-man dog as heís quick to make best-friends with everyone. This could be perceived as a lack of loyalty, by some.

Friendly with all

He isnít territorial or possessive of his home and territory like some breeds are so he doesnít make a good watch dog. He will instantly make friends with the burglar. However his wolf-like (and perhaps intimidating) appearance may serve to scare away an intruder.

High energy level

Heís extremely energetic. If youíre a couch potato this isnít the breed for you because his constant activity level will drive you insane! All he wants to do is run, play and have fun every day, especially in the morning when he wakes up fully rested and ready to go!


He needs daily exercise. If you donít provide him with an outlet for his energy he will find his own outlet, usually by being destructive with your property. This mean you need to take him for a long run every day or provide him with a large secure, fenced in yard that he can romp and run around in to release his energy. On the same note, he needs mental stimulation Ė something he can do that will engage his mind. If he gets bored or lonely he will quickly find ways to entertain himself, usually by chewing and destroying anything of yours that he finds. Heíll make short work of your new leather sofa tearing it to shreds in record time. Every Siberian husky owner can tell a story about the time they left their Husky alone inside the home while they popped out for a minute only to come back to find one of the bedrooms destroyed!

Siberian Huskies also love to dig! They are professional landscapers. Expect to find holes in your yard, uprooted plants, and your rose garden demolished. If he can get to it he will probably dig it. You will need to provide him with an area where he is allowed to dig and fence off your rose garden!


Siberian Huskies are social dogs. They thrive on the company of people and other dogs! They need constant companionship and attention. This isnít the kind of dog you can leave alone for hours. If you do leave him alone he will become miserable, bored and frustrated and will vent his frustration and boredom by being destructive (chewing, digging, and destroying things) or by howling which is sure to upset the neighbors. So if you canít spend time with him each day and give him something to do, donít get a Siberian!

As mentioned, he loves the companionship of other dogs, especially dogs that are the same size as him so he can play rough with them; heís especially fond of other Siberians. So if you have to leave him alone occasionally itís good if he has another dog to keep him company. Heís very friendly and playful with strange dogs he meets. If attacked he is very capable of defending himself.

Inside or Outside Dog?

He can live outside just as happily as he can live inside the home. So long as he isnít chained up all day and so long as you still spend plenty of time with him outside every day.


He has an innate desire to RUN! He was designed and bred to run! If you leave the front door open heíll be off down the street in a flash! Heíll run away and keep running because of the sheer fun of it. So he must be securely fenced in at all times and he canít be trusted off leash. Heís very agile and athletic and makes and excellent biking, jogging or hiking companion.

Escape Artist!

If he had a job description it would be: escape artist. He is an excellent escape artist. Heís adept at finding ways to escape the yard! Whether it means climbing over or digging under a fence or squeezing through a tight hole, he will give it a shot! Often with success. If there's a way out, he will find it. Owners often find themselves cementing under fences or extending the height of their fence to keep their Huskies from escaping. A six foot fence is USUALLY enough to contain him.

Prey Drive

Heís a highly skilled, cunning and patient hunter with a very high prey drive. He canít be trusted with smaller animals. Huskies usually get along well with cats if raised with them. But even then, some have been known to kill a cat that theyíve lived with, in peace, for years, for no apparent reason. Any stray cat that decides to cross through the backyard will wind up dead. Rabbits, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters and chickens are out of the questions; he will eat them for lunch! He may even consider small dogs to be fair game!


Siberians donít bark much but they do howl if they get bored or excited. This can be upsetting to the neighbors.

Fond of Children

Siberian Huskies are fond of children and love to play with them.

Physical Characteristics


He has a very thick coat. He has a shorter undercoat which is soft and fluffy to touch, and a longer outer coat which is coarse.


He comes in all colors from black and brown to pure white. His eyes can be blue or brown, or both.


Siberian Huskies are easy to groom. They donít require much grooming at all. The occasional brushing will suffice. However, because they shed a lot of hair you may find yourself brushing the coat frequently to minimize the hair in your home.


The Siberian Husky is a very high shedder. He sheds a lot of hair all year round. At least once a year (sometimes twice a year) he blows his coat and sheds a surprisingly large amount of hair! Youíll find his hair in and on everything in your home. Expect to be vacuuming your carpet and couches more often. Regular (daily) brushing of his coat will reduce the amount of hair in your home, but wonít stop it all together. Remember: what you pull out with a brush doesnít fall out on your carpet and sofas. But you should still expect to find hairs stuck to your clothing and couches even if you do brush him daily. If you value a neat and tidy hair-free home then donít get a Siberian.


Heís a very smart dog, sometimes too smart for his own good!

Ease of Training

The Siberian Husky is moderately easy to train. He learns new commands at an average rate compared to other breeds.[1] In other words: a Siberian Husky is not easy to train and heís also not hard to train either, he's somewhere in between.


The Siberian Husky was bred in North East Asia to be a high endurance sled dog. He was bred to have great stamina and a thick coat to help him brave the cold. He also had to be sociable with other dogs since he was working with them for most of his life.


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